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Holston Gas Offer
Posted on Apr 20th, 2018

Holston Gases Propane Proposal for Lashbrooke and Jackson Bend
Gary Stein in Lashbrooke has negotiated a deal with Holston Gases to purchase propane at a very favorable rate. Holston has extended the same terms to the Jackson Bend community. In order to receive the group pricing, we must get a minimum of 10 combined new accounts. The terms are attached.
It is important for each owner to do their own research and also understand this offer is not through the HOA or affiliated in any manner, we are just making homeowners aware. One item to consider is owning your own tank allows you the most flexibility in switching providers if you find a better offer on this or future purchases. One Jackson Bend homeowner determined he was able to save over 50% versus his prior propane provider.
Please take a look and do your own calculations. If you have any questions you may reach out to Holston directly. Chris Ridings at Holston is available to discuss any questions you may have. He can be reached at or by phone at 865-573-1917 and by cell phone at 865-314-9196. We hope you find this information valuable.
Thank you,
Jackson Bend HOA